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Aquarium at the dentist clinic

These are the aquarium at the new dentist clinic. They have two aquariums. There is an aquarium near the ground floor. There is also an aquarium near the wall. They have fish inside the aquariums. I do not know what … Continue reading

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Jerry is finally safe in the tank

I do not know how many times Jerry (the white gerbil) escape from the tank. This little trouble maker gives us trouble all the time. He likes to chase all the time. He hides underneath the refrigerator, oven, or anywhere … Continue reading

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Snapping turtle in our pool

It was a sunny day that day. I take a peek in the pool from the bay window inside the house. I saw something swimming. I thought it was a mouse. It is way too big for a mouse. I … Continue reading

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Reading a book about birds

My little girl found an old book about the birds at the camp. She likes birds so as her brother. We have many birds flying back at our front and backyard. We also have a bird feeder at our backyard … Continue reading

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Maggie’s resting place at the camp

This is Maggie, my sister-in-law’s dog, resting place back at the camp. Maggie was 12 years old when she died. She is one sweet dog. She really likes my husband. She barks excitedly when she hears my husband voice calling … Continue reading

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