Snapping turtle in our pool

It was a sunny day that day. I take a peek in the pool from the bay window inside the house. I saw something swimming.


I thought it was a mouse. It is way too big for a mouse. I cannot believe that I see a turtle swimming in the pool. I know it is a snapping turtle because we see babies snapping turtle last year. I freak out as I am so scared on what to do. I called my husband who was at work that time. He advises to keep an eye on the turtle. I have to make sure that the snapping turtle will not come out from the pool.


I told my kids about the turtle.


They were not afraid especially my son. I found a white bucket and fill-up a little water. My son gets the skimmer. He catches the snapping turtle. I put the snapping turtle inside the white bucket until my husband is still at work.


Have you seen a snapping turtle before? Are you afraid of a turtle?

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