How to keep your recording fast

Are you an animal lover at the same time a musician? Are you a new artists while your pet is snuggling close to you? Are you looking for musical accessories that will help you record your music faster? The  adat interface is one your choice. It has many inputs you can use for easy and fast recording of your music. Why not check out the site when you and your fury buddy take a quick time out.


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Maggie our Pitbull dog according to the hands of my summer babe

My summer babe loves to draw. Maggie, our Pitbull dog, is one of her inspiration to draw that day. I do not mind if she wasted too much printing paper. This is her drawing of Maggie who likes to chew her red big bone toy. We also found a magnet that says I love Pitbulls from the Erie County Fair. The moment we saw this magnet, we cannot resist not to buy it for our Maggie girl.


Maggie our Pitbull according to my summer babe's drawing

Maggie our Pitbull according to my summer babe’s drawing

Maggie is a Pitbull but she is one very sweet dog. She is also very protective of our family. We loved her to pieces and will not trade anything in the world.

How do you think my summer babe did with her drawing?

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Where to buy rugs that protect your kids room from your pets

Since we got Mollie, our Rat Terrier dog, my kids room especially my summer babe’s room smells. Sometimes Mollie got an accident. Sometimes she peed and sometimes she poop. My summer babe has pink carpet. I wonder if we order rugs that covers some part of the carpet. Sometimes I watch Mollie so she will not go to my summer babe’s room. Sometimes the kids watch her too. There are times that Mollie sneaks and accidents happen.

We try to clean but sometimes the odor stays in her room. I want to check the kids room rugs at Maybe they have rugs that are perfect for pets so my summer babe’s room will not ruin and stays fresh.

As much as we love our pets, we need to protect our kids room from scratches and especially for keeping the carpet fresh. How about you? Do you have any pets? What do you do when your pets have accident in your kids room? Do you have rugs in their room too?


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Baby deer all lost in the woods

My son told me that he saw a baby deer hiding behind the rock. At first I did not believe him as I do not saw it. Then suddenly, I saw the baby deer walking through the edge of the pond drinking water. The baby deer is so little. My husband said that it is unusual for a baby deer born this late. I guess the weird weather did that.

 photo baby deer_zpsotgdpvkz.jpg

I was following the deer, she/he is hiding behind the point. I get so closed to her. It is hard to take pictures of her. She is so pretty and so precious. Hubby and I feel bad. I hope that she makes it. The baby deer I bet got lost while walking with her Mama. She is limping and I bet cannot cope up with her Mama.

She moved and found her again. This time I took close picture of the baby deer. She is so precious. I call the baby deer a she. Last night we had a bad weather. it is raining, lightning, thunder. I hope she makes it through the night.

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My fury girl dogs started to bond so well now

It has been 9 days since the pet owner dropped our new pet addition to our house. She is Molly, the rat terrier. At first,we are skeptical if our Pitbull dog Maggie will get along with Molly. They are like giant and dwarf. We are thankful that our fury girls start to bond so well.

Our fury dog girls snuggling together

Our fury dog girls snuggling together

I was making breakfast when my summer babe asks me panicky where is the camera. I told her it is on the table. She took this picture of both snuggling together. Isn’t it the sweetest photo of them together? Molly is so little that she gets cold easily. Maggie warmth her up and feel comfortable.

We loved our fury girls equally. I have to remind my kids that they will give attention first to Maggie. Molly will follow next. I think that way Maggie will not get jealous.

How about you? Do you have pets?

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How to enjoy shopping at ShopBack and get cash back

Either we love or hate shopping, everybody shops because everybody needs something, right? There are times that we do not have time to shop in the store. Hectic schedules is one reason to prevent us from driving to the store. I love to shop online I admit. It saves me time and gas. I think there are many items on sale online and many choices than in the store. I also love to use my coupon codes online.

 photo shopback A_zpstzfrmgcr.png

One online store that I love to shop is eBay. This is the first store that I also learned how to make money when I first came in America. I usually shop for my kids clothes, games, books and toys that they need. I love that I can also sell the outgrown clothes from my kids.

Lazada is an online store that is so famous in the Philippines. Most of my Facebook Filipina friends shared how amazing this online store is. They can also shop anything. Since most of my Filipina friends are women, they usually buy clothes and cosmetics.

 photo shopback_zpsorn9tn9z.jpg

The best thing to shop online is when you join ShopBack to get cash points back. This Website is the best online store. It is very easy to get cash back. You have to make sure that you shop from this Website. You can search any of your favorite store. You can shop normally. You will receive your cash back in two days. How cool is that you shop and at the same time receive cash back. I loved that myself. I highly recommend it to every shoppers to try it. I know it works for me.

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Meet Molly our rat terrier dog

We already have a Pitbull dog named Maggie. My kids want to have another dog that is small. My hubby knows more about dog. He used to have dogs since he was little. We find out that our daughter has a severe dog allergy. W also found out that she is allergic to long hair dog. Maggie also helped her get better with her allergy. Maggie has a short hair.

Kuya K and Molly, our new rat terrier dog

Kuya K and Molly, our new rat terrier dog

My daughter named the second dog Molly. Our dogs are now named Maggie and Molly. The breeder brought Molly to our home yesterday. She lived an hour and half from where we live. Hubby gave her $20 for gas mileage.

Summer babe and Molly, our new rat terrier dog

Summer babe and Molly, our new rat terrier dog

We already told Maggie that she will have a baby sister. Maggie is such a sweet dog. The dogs are getting along real well. Molly eats Maggie’s  food. There is no jealousy involve. I told my kids to pet Maggie first and then Molly. Molly is like a big sister but she acts like a mother which I loved. Last night, Molly is inside the crate, she whines. Maggie jumped right away and checked her. I told hubby to move the crate in the living room where Maggie sleep. Molly wants to get out but Maggie keep her company. We love our two dogs now.

Pitbull and rat terrier female dogs blessed with so much love from these siblings

Pitbull and rat terrier female dogs blessed with so much love from these siblings

I hope that Maggie and Molly will get along. I cannot wait these two to play along and have fun together.

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The best Yamaha products you ever wanted

My husband always told me that you get what you pay for. He always tell me to buy the expensive stuff. You get the best quality than the cheap products that are available. I wish I have enough money so I can buy the expensive products. Even our Pitbull dog always the best stuff for her. She has the expensive toy which is until now she did not ripped it off. The bone toy shape looks so durable.

How about you? Are you looking for the best yamaha musical instruments? You can buy anything from this Website from guitar, piano and anything else.

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How to treasure your photographs with Canvas Champ

I love taking pictures of my kids and now with our Pitbull dog as well. I cannot leave without my camera. I always brings it with me wherever I go. My kids are used of me taking pictures of them. I am glad that they still wants me to take their pictures. I have to take advantage because I know soon, they will not allow me to take their picture-taking.

 photo canvas champ G_zpsjxlwkcr0.jpg

This was one afternoon when my kids are playing with our Pitbull fury girl named Maggie. They both love to play with Maggie. Sometimes they are rough with her. Maggie just love to play with her siblings. I told them to stay still and put Maggie in the middle so I can take their pictures of the three of them together. I always take many shots so I can pick the best shots. This particular shot is my favorite. I think it is the cutest picture of them together.

 photo canvas champ F_zps7rbmyb8h.jpg

I loved this photograph so much. I want to so something special about it. I am so thankful to for the opportunity to try their products. I loved how friendly the person that answers my email. She is very fast too.

 photo canvas champ B_zpsuweiafy1.jpg

I am very excited that she said that the canvas is in the way. I did not expected to arrive early knowing that original shipment comes from India. It was delivered privately too. I was surprised.

 photo canvas champ C_zps5tgntruk.jpg

The package was wrapped properly. The canvas is safe and protected. The size of my canvas by the way is 9×12. I am so happy that my canvas turned out so beautiful. I really loved it. It is perfect with the rest of my photographs that are displayed on the wall.

 photo canvas champ D_zpsfzvmn2az.jpg

I highly recommend Canvas Champ to everybody. If you are looking a way to treasure your best photograph, canvas is the best way. It is very easy to order any canvas products from them. The steps are easy to follow. You can do your print in any social medias like Instagram or Facebook. I sent mine though email and my photograph turned our perfectly. This is the best Website to make customized gifts or just order prints. The prices are very affordable too.

 photo canvas champ E_zpsglj49ufy.jpg

By the way, you can follow Canvas Champ in Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest and watch videos in there You Tube channel.

 photo canvas champ A_zpswmq165x6.jpg
 photo canvas champ_zpscq1hgowg.jpg

I received the canvas for free. I did not receive any compensation. All  my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.

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My Pitbull dog loved her new food from The Honest Kitchen

Our Pitbull girl named Maggie is almost a year since we adopted her from the animal shelter. I cannot believe we have her for almost a year already. Maggie brought so much joy to our family. We spoiled this fury girl with so much-loved. She reciprocates us with her kisses and hugs.

 photo doggie food_zpszuixskx7.jpg

By showing love, we feed her with the best food that is available in the market. She only eat her dog food once a day. At first we feed her in the morning, but we noticed she will not touch her food until night-time. We figure she only eats once a day.

 photo doggie food A_zpsporaotlx.jpg

She is one very active dog of ours. She loves to run and play with our kids. She has a lot of energy. She is two years old. She is spoiled with so much love with our family.

 photo doggie food B_zpsqyniqruv.jpg

I am fortunate that Klout sent me a dog food sample from The Honest Kitchen. I received a trial sample of a beef. I am not sure if Maggie will eat the sample dog food. The food is easy to prepare. Outside of the box is an instruction of how many cups of food and water to feed for your dog. It is very easy to follow. You need to add warm water and wait for three minutes for the water to dissolve with the food.

 photo doggie food C_zps8wat8vm2.jpg

I am so happy that our Maggie girl loved her new food. She even finished the food. She seems very calm after eating it. I love how the food smell too. All the ingredients in the dog food is natural. It will not upset your dog stomach. I know it does not upset on Maggie’s stomach. We finished the sample box for three days.

 photo doggie food D_zpspeethxes.jpg

I highly recommend this product to any dog lovers. They also have products for cat lovers as well. You can find more information in their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Pinterest and Google Plus.

I received the products for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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