How to rock your guitar with this accessory


There are times that my kids especially my Summer Babe drives our fury girls crazy. One is by playing her baritone. She knows that Maggie and Molly hurt their ears when she plays her music instrument especially playing so loudly. I feel bad for my fury girls.

If you plays the guitar and wants to rock the music the most, why not check out this marshall jcm 900? It is an amazing accessory to help you play your guitar like a rock star. I wonder if the sound of guitar hurts the ears of my fury girls as well.

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How to spoil your pets from Groupon products

DisclosureThis is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

When we first bought Molly, our Rat Terrier, she was only six weeks ago. She is as cute as a button. Maggie, our American Staffordshire Terrier dog, loves her baby sister. They bonded so well. We have a big and small dog but we both loved them unconditionally. The size difference between this two is funny. They become best fury friends.

 photo Summer Babe abd fury girls_zpsbunvy69n.jpg

We bought their beds during the cold season to keep them warm at night. Molly is gotten so big. She needs a new bed. She now weighs 13 pounds while Maggie weighs 65 pounds. Maggie had a new bed. I loved this pet bed from Groupon Goods. I think it is perfect for Molly or any small dog breeds. I loved how it looks and am sure she stays warm and toasty inside her box.

 photo pet bed_zpsa7cs14fd.jpg

Though Molly loves to stay close to me. Most of the time, we sleep together. I noticed that she moves to her bed in the middle of the night. She is telling me that she needs a new bed. Aside from pet bed, this site offers different things that you fury babies needs. Why not check it out for yourself. You will be amazed how affordable their prices are and the savings will help you buy more stuff to spoil your fury animals.

Aside from the site, you can also find deals and new products not only for your pet but for everybody as well in their Facebook or Twitter.

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Where to buy drums for your animal lovers

Does your pets love to listen to any music. I know some pets does not like as it hurts their eyes. I know that our fury girls love to listen to music. We always turn our radio by the patio where they also hang out with the kids are swimming in the pool.

Are your kids love to play the drums? This breakbeats looks so cool to buy as it has the complete set for any drummers or hopeful drummers to own. I remember my son when he was little he likes to play the guitar. Unfortunately, he loses the interest o learn how to play the drums though he tried in the church before for a choir but did not make it.

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Perfect music instrument to play with your pets

My Summer Babe loves our two fury girls Maggie,the Pitbull and Mollie, the Rat Terrier so very much. She used to be allergy with dogs but she is almost outgrown now. Aside from the dogs, my Summer Babe loves to sing and play instrument as well. She does play the baritone. One of her new favorite reality show is America’s Got Talent. She likes Grace Vanderwaal plays ukulele. I wonder if it is the same as the mahalo. She even voted for Grace and gives her 10.

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Have you tried ordering metal prints from Adoramapix

I never ordered metal prints yet. I mostly ordered regular photo prints or sometimes canvas. I am so blown away how my 8×10 metal prints from Adoramapix turned out. It is beyond gorgeous. The metal print is beyond unbelievable. I loved how the photo of our Summer Babe and our Pitbull girl Maggie turned out. The bond between these two is amazing. It is the reason I pick this photo for a metal print. I took this shot by myself and love how I captured the photo.

 photo Adoramapix metal print_zpstaj54rmk.jpg

We displayed the metal print in our family room. You will notice it once you are in the family room. I think it is the best place to show off our metal print. The metal print also came with screw. We did not use it. You can  hang it regularly but screw is an extra bonus.

 photo Adoramapix metal print A_zpslkoxkuzy.jpg

Have you tried ordering metal prints yet? You should try. It is a very unique way to capture those precious moments for a lifetime. I would LOVE  to order another metal print soon. They also ship your package so fast. It is wrapped carefully. The costumer service is fast as well.

 photo Adoramapix metal print B_zpsdoibbawj.jpg

You can also check Adoramapix in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubePinterest and Google Plus for updates and coupons on how to save some money for that beautiful shot. It is a perfect gift for any occasion.

I highly recommend Adoramapix for any photo projects you plan.


I received a sample of metal prints in exchange of my honest review.

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Molly our Rat Terrier is chasing the ducks

Our one year old Rat Terrier dog named Molly loves to hunt. This furry girls loves to chased. Anything that moves and when she noticed it, no doubt she will chase it.

Molly the Rat Terrier is about to chase the ducks by the pond.

Molly the Rat Terrier is about to chase the ducks by the pond.

That morning, she saw some ducks by our pond. I took them out to do their morning routine with her big sister, Maggie, the Pitbull. She saw the ducks by the pond. She always check and prepare her moves. This Rat Terrier is just adorable. She paused and check out the ducks before chasing them.

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How to protect your ears from your active pets

There are times our fury  girls are so loud. It happens after they get inside from doing their thing outside. They get so active. They keep on running back ans forth from the family room to the living room. They also like to play with their toys. Sometimes they bite each other and makes this loud noise. It bothers me especially when I am reading. I need an ear plugs found at MF like this to keep my ears safe from my active fury girls.

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How to enjoy music as beginners

Our fury girls does not like musical instruments. They freak out. I wonder if it hurts their ears. They do not mind if you sing to them too. They do not mind if you sing using karaoke as well. I sing to our dogs especially to our rat terrier. She is like a baby.

Are you a pet owner who wants to learn how to play music? I know that it is not easy but with the help of this best music recording software, learning is a process. You have to practice more often and before you know it, you are like a professional. You can play music while hanging out with your pets. Some pets loves listening to music and your bond will last longer.

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Bought our dogs new beds today

I went to TJ Maxx after dropping my kids to their religion school. I have an hour and 15 minutes free time before picking them up.

 photo new bed for our furry girls_zps4kluan1g.jpg

The TJ Maxx is not open for about 30 minutes. I went to the shoe store next door. They have a sale on shoes for $5 but only the red tags. I bought three until the TJ Maxx store will open.

I bought stuff for our furry girls. I bought beds for them. I also bought toys and sweaters for them as well. I am glad that Mollie, our rat terrier, furry girl likes her new bed. She is so tiny and that this is the smallest dog bed for her size. She gets so cold easily. This bed is perfect for her and will warm her up. I also bought blankets for them.

It is getting chilly now that autumn is here. We also had our first fire. If people were cold, am sure our dogs are cold as well.

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How to keep your pets appointment on time

Hubby just took our Pitbull fury girl Maggie to the veterinarian a week or two ago. She is itching like crazy. She is also limping. We feel badly for our Maggie girl.

Maggie had four shots. She is feeling a lot better. She is not limping anymore. She had a skin rashes and it is healing perfectly. Hubby and I easily forget things sometimes taking notes for appointment either for kids or for your fury girls. We need to order new pens. I have check that Pens factory has many durable and unique pens that you can use in any appointment or pads. I have to tell my hubby about this Website. We cannot missed any important appointments especially for our dogs because we forget to write it down and do not have pen to use.

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