Maggie our Pitbull dog according to the hands of my summer babe

My summer babe loves to draw. Maggie, our Pitbull dog, is one of her inspiration to draw that day. I do not mind if she wasted too much printing paper. This is her drawing of Maggie who likes to chew her red big bone toy. We also found a magnet that says I love Pitbulls from the Erie County Fair. The moment we saw this magnet, we cannot resist not to buy it for our Maggie girl.


Maggie our Pitbull according to my summer babe's drawing

Maggie our Pitbull according to my summer babe’s drawing

Maggie is a Pitbull but she is one very sweet dog. She is also very protective of our family. We loved her to pieces and will not trade anything in the world.

How do you think my summer babe did with her drawing?

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