Jerry (one of our gerbils) escapes again

This little stinker is such a trouble maker. I thought that he will never escape again. What happen was? There are no big holes on top of the aquarium cover. One hole has a cover. One hole has the smell protection that is covered in that hole. Jerry is so smart. He climbs from his water bottle and try to move the smell protection little by little until the hole is wide open. He then escape. I have no clue that he was escape again.

I went to the kitchen and I thought I heard something that is making a noise. I think of Jerry aright away. Yes I was right he escape again. He was underneath the oven. I waited for him to come out to try to catch him. He is so fast. I forget to tell my husband about his escapade the following morning.

The husband is about to sleep after working that night. He called me and said that Jerry escapes again. He thought that Jerry is underneath his closet. The little stinker escape from our room. He then hide underneath the oven. I am glad that I catch him with a kitchen towel. My husband put some glue on the cover. We will see if this little stinker can escape again.

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