How to show your pet how much you love them

I cannot believe that next month our Pitbull female dog named Maggie spent her first year with us since we adopted her officially from the animal shelter. I still cannot believe that we have a dog and surprisingly it is a Pitbull too. I am not an animal lover but I amazed myself for loving Maggie with all my heart. She is the greatest addition to our family.

Our Maggie girl all doll up by her big siste

Our Maggie girl all doll up by her big sister

We love our Maggie girl with all our heart. She loves us back too by giving being sweet and so huggable. We might spoil her but who cares, right? Love is contagious anyway.

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I know that my husband is planning in retiring in the Philippines. I just cannot wait if his plan will push through. We even talking about bringing Maggie with us. I know that paper work is not easy. I am sure that if God will grant us, nothing can stop us and we are not living our Maggie here in New York.

My husband asks me if here is a pet store in the Philippines. I really not sure. I know that sell our Maggie girl needs to stay strong and healthy. I have to make sure that I will sign-up to their newsletter so I will not miss any deals.

How about you? Where do you buy your pet supplies? Have you check this Website too? It is very easy to find deals and brands that your animals rely on.

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