How to find your dog in a distance

We used to have the two Beagles dogs. They are both girls. We have a barn and it is close to the woods. Our Beagles girls love to go hunt with their Daddy. They love to chase the rabbits. They love to run around. It is also the best exercise for them.

Usually, my husband will let them go. They always come back when my husband whistle. I do miss our Beagle dogs. One day they play outside and run around the backyard back and forth and go to the woods too. My husband keeps on whistling and only one Beagle dog went home. Brandie, the eldest Beagle dog never come back. The husband worried a lot until that night. Brandie never came back. It was a sad day for the family especially to Suzie the little sister. How I wish that we have this garmin alpha available that day. I am sure that we can find and track Brandie. The device can track any dogs in the woods. You can put it around their neck as a regular collar. You have the button and call to find your dog. Please do not let this happen to you. Please protect your dog and buy this special gadget to keep your dogs home safely.

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