Do You Need Horse Medical Insurance?

Caring for your horse involves a significant amount of time and money. It’s expensive to keep horses groomed, housed in safe, comfortable environments, and well-fed. When you add in veterinary expenses, costs can quickly balloon out of control.

Fortunately, a solution is available to most horse owners. horse medical insurance can offset some of the costs associated with your horse’s medical care as well as provide a death benefit should the worst occur.

While nobody enjoys thinking about the potential for illness and injury, horses do become sick and get hurt. If and when your horse needs medical care, it’s good to have a plan in place. Veterinary bills are expensive, and even a large savings account may not cover everything your horse needs to return to good health.

Before purchasing a policy, read the contract and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Know what is required of you by the insurance policy if your horse is injured or becomes ill. For example, the policy may require you to contact your insurance agent before you seek veterinary care. Policies are all different, and it’s important to understand your policy before you need it.

You can buy several different types of insurance. Major medical covers some of the veterinary costs of a sick or injured animal. Mortality insurance is paid to you if the horse dies. Loss-of-use insurance pays you if your horse becomes incapacitated. The type and amount of insurance you need depends on your horse’s purpose. For instance, a show horse requires different insurance than a horse you ride for pleasure.

To protect yourself and your horse in the event of illness and injury, look into getting horse medical insurance. When you consider the benefits an insurance policy can provide, many horse owners find that they are better off with a policy in place. Even if you never use it, the peace of mind it can bring is often worth the money you pay for it.

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