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Molly our Rat Terrier is chasing the ducks

Our one year old Rat Terrier dog named Molly loves to hunt. This furry girls loves to chased. Anything that moves and when she noticed it, no doubt she will chase it. That morning, she saw some ducks by our pond. … Continue reading

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The trapper’s ultimate wish came true

Disclosure: There are pictures that are not right for animal lovers. Please read if you are not offended with the pictures. My husband is a trapper. He loves to trap wild animals. He is a professional trapper. He learned how … Continue reading

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My husband’s latest fox traps

Do you remember the door trapper sign that my daughter made? You can read it here. It is already hang outside the door in my husband’s trapper room which you can found in our other garage. The trapper room is … Continue reading

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Saw these two adorable baby deer in the woods

The family drove 2 hours to the camp of my parents-in-law. My kids love to go to the camp. It is in a mountain where they can explore the ATV trail at their grandparent’s land. My husband also need to … Continue reading

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A baby bird is in the loose

My son K was playing golf early morning. He came in the house and told his little sister and niece M that he found a baby bird on the ground. I am glad that he did not hurt the baby … Continue reading

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Up close and personal with our chickens

Our chickens are three months old. There are six of them and all are female. They can now roam around our yard after we clipped all their wings. It prevents them from flying. Our yard is open and it will … Continue reading

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My son caught a cat fish

This was four (4) days ago. It rained that night and that is the reason the pond looks cloudy. Fishing is always a part of our family bonding before it gets dark. My husband and kids were fishing usually. I … Continue reading

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Geese and ducks swimming by our pond

This was Easter morning. It was really warm and sunny that day. The temperature is close to 60. I was preparing my kids for church when I see geese and ducks swimming by the pond. I cannot believe that they … Continue reading

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How to find your dog in a distance

We used to have the two Beagles dogs. They are both girls. We have a barn and it is close to the woods. Our Beagles girls love to go hunt with their Daddy. They love to chase the rabbits. They … Continue reading

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The husband sold all his red foxes

The family went together to a guy’s house to sold my husband red foxes. It was a 20 minutes drive from where we live. The husband told me and my little girl to stay in the truck when we arrive … Continue reading

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