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How to keep your pets appointment on time

Hubby just took our Pitbull fury girl Maggie to the veterinarian a week or two ago. She is itching like crazy. She is also limping. We feel badly for our Maggie girl. Maggie had four shots. She is feeling a … Continue reading

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Maggie’s first check up at the veterinarian clinic

It was almost two months ago when my husband and I took our Pitbull dog Maggie to her first veterinarian check up. It was few days after her two years old birthday when she had her first check up. The … Continue reading

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Trapper and predator caller subscription trapping magazine

My husband has a subscription for two trapping magazines. I help him subscribed for the two magazines. It comes once in a month in the mail. This is one of his trapping subscription magazine. The magazine is called Trapper and … Continue reading

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Mats that will help you comfortable while working out

I work out when the year started for a couple of weeks. It feels great that you sweat a lot and feels great about yourself. I stop when I had my monthly period for a week. I did come back … Continue reading

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It does not matter what kind of dog

These are my kids with my sister-in-law’s dog named Ginger. She is one adorable dog. My son really likes the dog. He really adores Ginger. We stopped by at my sister-in-law’s house to pick some totes that she borrowed when … Continue reading

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A White dog at Harlem Park

We used to have dogs. My kids will always love dogs. They grew up with it. My friend invited us for a birthday party at the park. This is our first time to visit the park as we live far … Continue reading

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Meow the fattest cat in America has died

I saw Meow, the cat at Anderson show on TV last week. I cannot believe that  this cat weighs 39 pounds. He is equal to a 60 pounds if he is a kid. Meow is very adorable. Meow is the fattest cat … Continue reading

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