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Bought minnows fish to stock our pond

My husband and I went to a fish store. It was a 45 minutes drive from where we live. He bought minnows to stock in our pond. He bought six pounds of minnows fish. It cost $2.50 per pound. Now … Continue reading

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My son caught a cat fish

This was four (4) days ago. It rained that night and that is the reason the pond looks cloudy. Fishing is always a part of our family bonding before it gets dark. My husband and kids were fishing usually. I … Continue reading

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Aquarium at the dentist clinic

These are the aquarium at the new dentist clinic. They have two aquariums. There is an aquarium near the ground floor. There is also an aquarium near the wall. They have fish inside the aquariums. I do not know what … Continue reading

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One of our Koi fish

It was time to feed the fish in our pond. We have the seven koi fish in our pond. It is hard to take pictures of them. They are like ghost. They show and banish right away. You have to … Continue reading

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