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My Pitbull dog loved her new food from The Honest Kitchen

Our Pitbull girl named Maggie is almost a year since we adopted her from the animal shelter. I cannot believe we have her for almost a year already. Maggie brought so much joy to our family. We spoiled this fury … Continue reading

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Bought a new bag of bird seeds

My husband bought this new bag of bird feeds couple weeks ago. It is for the wild birds that fly in our yard. We have this bird feeder by the front yard. Many birds are eating feeds from the bird … Continue reading

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A new food for the pets

We have the gerbil and hamsters as pets. My kids love them. They eat and drink a lot too. They are getting bigger and cute too. I love the gerbil the most. I can hold and pet Mickey. He is … Continue reading

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Up close and personal with turkeys

We live in the country side though we are not far from the city. There are many animals we see in our backyard almost everyday. We see deer and turkey to name the few. We have a bird feeder in … Continue reading

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Feed the animals with whole yellow corn

We live in a country side. There are wild animals that visit our property. You can see them on our backyard. Some animals that you can see are deer and turkey. We buy whole yellow corn to spray on our … Continue reading

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Red cardinal bird on the grass

One of my favorite birds at our backyard to watch is the red cardinal bird. I found it so pretty. Red is my favorite color too. I was sitting on the picnic table at the garage and see this red … Continue reading

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One of our Koi fish

It was time to feed the fish in our pond. We have the seven koi fish in our pond. It is hard to take pictures of them. They are like ghost. They show and banish right away. You have to … Continue reading

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For the love of chicken

This is my little girl’s new addition to her stuff animal. The Daddy and the daughter went to Tractor Supply to buy some feeds for the turkey and deer. She found this white chicken in the store. How can her … Continue reading

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