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Maggie our Pitbull dog according to the hands of my summer babe

My summer babe loves to draw. Maggie, our Pitbull dog, is one of her inspiration to draw that day. I do not mind if she wasted too much printing paper. This is her drawing of Maggie who likes to chew … Continue reading

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My fury girl dogs started to bond so well now

It has been 9 days since the pet owner dropped our new pet addition to our house. She is Molly, the rat terrier. At first,we are skeptical if our Pitbull dog Maggie will get along with Molly. They are like … Continue reading

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Meet Molly our rat terrier dog

We already have a Pitbull dog named Maggie. My kids want to have another dog that is small. My hubby knows more about dog. He used to have dogs since he was little. We find out that our daughter has … Continue reading

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My Pitbull dog loved her new food from The Honest Kitchen

Our Pitbull girl named Maggie is almost a year since we adopted her from the animal shelter. I cannot believe we have her for almost a year already. Maggie brought so much joy to our family. We spoiled this fury … Continue reading

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Maggie is one cuddly Pitbull dog of ours

I sleep in the family room. My kids also sleep in our family room when they have no school. I let them sleep wherever they want. Our Pitbull dog usually sleep underneath the couch with me. She is my guard … Continue reading

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The best toy that my hubby bought for our dog

Maggie our two years old Pitbull dog cost an arm and a leg. We love her to pieces. Just like a typical dog, she loves to play with toys. Hubby spent so much money for her toys. Most of them … Continue reading

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Our Pitbull dog named Maggie turned two years old

It was 19  days ago when our Pitbull dog named Maggie turned two years old. My family was singing her a happy birthday. We also gave her a hamburger for her birthday treat. I wish our Maggie girl more birthdays … Continue reading

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A book review of the ARC of Christmas Stray by Rachelle Ayala

I am fortunate to read the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of the new book of my all time favorite author Ms. Rachelle Ayala‘s new book Christmas Stray. Anytime she needs a help, I am willing to lend my hand. She … Continue reading

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How to keep your pet warm during the winter

Maggie, our Pitbull, dog loves to play the snow. He has a very thin hair. She gets cold easily but will not stop her from enjoying playing the snow. It was last month when we went to Pets Mart store … Continue reading

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My summer babe and our Pitbull dog are the fury best friends

The saying Dog Is A Man’s Best Friend is true indeed. You probably knew by now how we got our Pitbull dog if you are an avid reader of this blog or if you are my friend in my Facebook … Continue reading

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