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My Pitbull dog loved her new food from The Honest Kitchen

Our Pitbull girl named Maggie is almost a year since we adopted her from the animal shelter. I cannot believe we have her for almost a year already. Maggie brought so much joy to our family. We spoiled this fury … Continue reading

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Purina dog chow is Maggie’s food

The day we officially adopted Maggie at the animal shelter. We also stop by at Wal-Mart to buy her dog dish and dog food. We used to have Beagle dogs and husband always buy them Purina brand of dog food. … Continue reading

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4 Tips for Choosing A Kitty Hotel

If you’re a faithful pet owner about to take a vacation, you’re probably more concerned about your cat’s accommodation than your own. The good news is that there are plenty of safe, dependable cat boarding houses out there. You just … Continue reading

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Are you looking for affordable but durable pet supplies?

We used to have cat and dogs back in our old house. Our cat is a wild cat that he seldom go inside the house but prefer to stay outside. We have the two Beagle dogs that live in the … Continue reading

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A dead cat at the front door

I was watching a TV when our door bell ring. I check the window to see who it is. It is a FedEx delivery guy delivering a mail for my husband. He also told me that there is a dead … Continue reading

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Meow the fattest cat in America has died

I saw Meow, the cat at Anderson show on TV last week. I cannot believe that  this cat weighs 39 pounds. He is equal to a 60 pounds if he is a kid. Meow is very adorable. Meow is the fattest cat … Continue reading

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