Bought new baby chicks

My husband loves animals. He grew up having a dog of his own. My kids also love animals. My husband has planned to buy a baby chicks. I do not have a problem with any animals as long as we have the place for them. We used to have a barn in our old house. This house we do not have a barn. My only problem is during the winter. How do you take care of animals when it is freezing cold and snowing outside.

 photo babychicks-1.jpg

My husband and kids went to Tractor Supply. They bought six baby chicks with them. The kids were very excited. My husband order a chicken coop. It will deliver in two weeks. For now the baby chicks are in the big bin. They have a bed, food, water and lamp that will keep them warm. The baby chicks were born on April 1st. They are now a week old.

 photo babychicksA.jpg

Here is a picture of our little girl who holds one baby chicks. She is very careful not to hurt the baby chicks. Do you think she is cute?

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3 Responses to Bought new baby chicks

  1. Makoy says:

    that chick is so cute. I only had an experience taking care of a dog and fish. It’s really nice to go home and see your pets.

  2. Miraflor says:

    When I was a kid my mother also bought chicks, grew them them sold them when they’re big enough to be sold and eaten. Are you going to raise them for your own consumption? That would be good because you know what feeds you gave them, right?

  3. Wow, it must be fun to have chicken around. This reminds me of my childhood hehehe.

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