Do You Need Horse Medical Insurance?

Caring for your horse involves a significant amount of time and money. It’s expensive to keep horses groomed, housed in safe, comfortable environments, and well-fed. When you add in veterinary expenses, costs can quickly balloon out of control.

Fortunately, a solution is available to most horse owners. horse medical insurance can offset some of the costs associated with your horse’s medical care as well as provide a death benefit should the worst occur.

While nobody enjoys thinking about the potential for illness and injury, horses do become sick and get hurt. If and when your horse needs medical care, it’s good to have a plan in place. Veterinary bills are expensive, and even a large savings account may not cover everything your horse needs to return to good health.

Before purchasing a policy, read the contract and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Know what is required of you by the insurance policy if your horse is injured or becomes ill. For example, the policy may require you to contact your insurance agent before you seek veterinary care. Policies are all different, and it’s important to understand your policy before you need it.

You can buy several different types of insurance. Major medical covers some of the veterinary costs of a sick or injured animal. Mortality insurance is paid to you if the horse dies. Loss-of-use insurance pays you if your horse becomes incapacitated. The type and amount of insurance you need depends on your horse’s purpose. For instance, a show horse requires different insurance than a horse you ride for pleasure.

To protect yourself and your horse in the event of illness and injury, look into getting horse medical insurance. When you consider the benefits an insurance policy can provide, many horse owners find that they are better off with a policy in place. Even if you never use it, the peace of mind it can bring is often worth the money you pay for it.

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Headline: Dealing with Illness in Your Pet Bird

Birds are beloved pets for many families, but it can be confusing to care for a bird properly when it is ill and requires medication. However, by keeping a few simple guidelines in mind, people can help to care for their pet birds and bring them back to health. Birds cannot be given pills in order to deliver medication, so bird owners need to handle their pets while providing the meds they need.

When it’s the first time you’re medicating a bird, you might be nervous or confused. Improperly administered medication can clog the bird’s nasal track, and the bird’s beak could damage a syringe. However, almost any bird owner can safely and effectively medicate a bird at home.

Discovering Bird Sickness

If you notice your pet bird is sick, take it promptly to the veterinarian’s office. In general, you should avoid choosing the medication yourself for your pet. A severe illness could have problems and complications of which you may be unaware, so it’s best to have your pet diagnosed and treated by a vet. The veterinarian will diagnose the illness and prescribe appropriate medication.

It’s best to ask the vet about how to give the medication to your bird. You can find out about the frequency, timing and dosage of the medicine to give each time as well as how to use the syringe to deliver it.

Preparing to Administer Bird Medicine

In order to get ready to actually administer the medicine, shake it before use and follow your vet’s instruction. Next, use the syringe to draw some of the medication inside so that you are ready to administer to it. This syringe should not have a needle attack. Check the side of the syringe to make sure that the right dose is prepared. If you see any bubbles of air in the syringe, flick it in order to remove them.

Giving Your Bird Medication

The first time that you medicate your bird, you are likely to find it challenging. The more that you go through the process, the more comfortable you will find it, especially as you grow to understand what best suits your bird. In general, birds do not like to receive medication and may seek repeatedly to escape.

First, choose a comfortable location without large obstacles that could cause problems when feeding the bird or if the bird should thrash around. Next, wrap the bird in a towel to calm it and to provide a more secure hold. As you wrap your pet, make sure that it is gently wrapped and that its claws do not snag in the towel’s weave. You do not want to restrict the bird’s ability to breathe.

Next, use your fingers to manipulate and open the bird’s beak. Hold the syringe on its left side, pointed in a rightward direction toward the bird’s throat. Only the very tip of the syringe should enter the mouth of the bird. Finally, inject the medicine. If the bird drinks it freely, continue injecting until all the bird medicine has been administered. If it does not, go slowly and take breaks until the bird completes the dosage. Make sure that the full dosage is administered, but avoid feeding too quickly.

Caring For Your Bird After Medication

After delivering the medication to your bird, wipe it down using a warm soft cloth with water. Wipe the bird’s feathers and beak. Comfort the bird, letting it relax and spending time with it. You may want to provide your bird a treat.

No pet owner relishes the task of delivering medicine to a bird. However, when you take care to protect your bird, make sure it swallows the medication and avoid delivering the medication too abruptly or suddenly, you can avoid problems and nurse your bird back to health.

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How to have the fun with your pets at the studio   

I saw on TV that some dogs sounded like they are singing. I wish that one of my fury girls can sing. Unfortunately, I have not seen any of them singing.

How about you? Does your pet likes when you are singing. Do you want to try the rode nt1a available at Musicians Friend? Maybe your dogs and yourself will have the fun and would be discovered using the microphone.

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How to relax with your pets

I only worked five and half hours three times a week. I always need a nap after coming home. My body needs to relax after standing for that period of time. At the same time, my fury girls miss me too. I also need to spend time with them. I can relax while they are sleeping beside me by listening to the  music recording software at It not only relaxes you but soothes your mind with this beautiful music.

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Where to buy the best deal for amplifiers

I am sure that you read from this blog that I cannot play a guitar or any musical instrument. I do can sing. I have watched videos of animals singing while their owner is playing an instrument. It is the coolest video to watch ever. Unfortunately, our fury girls do not have any talent in singing. They are the cutest just the way they are.

Anyway, if you are an animal lover at the same time a musician who is looking for amplifiers for your guitar if you play that kind of instrument, click here for a great deal. There are many prizes to choose from so as the model you needed the most.

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Maggie modeling the first shot from the new camera

A friend from Facebook is selling her cameras as she does not used any of them. I am interested with the Samsung black camera. She is asking $65 for the camera. She only used it once. I know that I have a Canon camera already. I just wanted to buy the this Samsung camera for my daughter.

 photo Maggie on the new camera_zpsovnrpjds.jpg
I was so happy when I received the Samsung camera. Unfortunately, it needs a new battery. I ordered it in Amazon and works perfectly. Of course Maggie, our American Staffordshire Terrier is my first model. I just wished her entire body shows yet this photo still turned out beautiful, right?

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Does your pet lover kids want to play the trumpet

My husband and I were scared when we bought our Summer Babe her baritone last Christmas. It is one of her Christmas wish list. Baritone is very expensive especially the kind and her music teacher suggested as well. She said that she wants to play the trumpet instead of the baritone. We told ourselves that we were screwed. Great thing that she still plays the baritone in her band.

How about you? Does your pet lover kid wants to play the trumpet? You can check out here for affordable trumpets or kind that she wants to play.

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How to tune up your guitar quickly

How to tune up your guitar quickly

I wish I can play guitar. Unfortunately I have no talent. I can only sing. My Summer Babe tried few guitar lessons but eventually kit. She is now laying the baritone instead. I guess she is not meant to learn how to play the guitar.

How about you? Do you need help mastering the guitar or needs a little help during a music performance. The fernandes sustainer is your best accessory to help you tune your guitar quickly in no time.



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Groupon will keep your fury animals memories last a long time

DISCLOSURE:  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I loved taking pictures of my kids and of course my fury girls. I lost count how many pictures I take between my kids and our dogs. Photography is my one of my hobby. I do not mind doing it. I loved to captured precious moments with my kids and our fury girls as well. Wherever I go, I have to make sure I bring my camera with me or near me. You never know you find that special moment that your camera need to captured. I am always ready to give my camera a click.

 photo Summer Babe and Maggie_zpsxxvvknhz.jpg
I have so many photos that I need to make prints with. Groupon Coupons is my saving grace. You never know how much savings they help you while shopping. I ordered prints from Shutterfly before and loved their service. If you are looking to order prints, you should try it too. I guarantee that you will love the result of your prints.

 photo Molly_zpsv7mlx88f.jpg
Sometimes there is a very special photo that you want to blow up and wants a canvas. Easy Canvas Prints is your answer. I never have a canvas yet with the my kids and fury girls. I did had canvas made from my travel to the Philippines last time. They are some hang on our walls. Some I need to send it to the Philippines once my big box is ready so my Mom can see the canvas I made for her with her grand-daughter together.

Keeping those precious moments together with prints or canvas is very important and Groupon will hep you that. They also have their Facebook page and Twitter for your to check if you are on those social medias. make sure you give them a like or follow.



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How to keep your pets safe during the winter

Winter is not here yet officially. Western New York already feels the effect of winter. Yesterday we had a snow storm. The temperature is really dropping abruptly. It was so cold yesterday and the wind chill is bone chilling. Yet we still need to let our fury girls out. Though they both loved to play the snow, we need to protect them.

 photo Molly in sweater_zpsk5qthvoh.jpg
Molly, our Rat Terrier, is so tiny. She needs to wear a sweater to keep her warm up while doing her thing outside. She also has a winter coat. This is her today while I take her out. I cannot believe she found a tick. She is a very playful tiny puppy. I make sure she does not stay longer outside and will bring her in the house to warm up by the fireplace.

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